Customer Inventory Management Solution

Inventory is spread over several locations

Customer Inventory Management Solution

Customer: How do I keep track of the large amount of forms and printing required by our company that is currently spread over several locations?

Our Davis Print and Packaging sales representative gathered samples of all of the existing printed products, categorized each item and presented a library of each item used at each location. We then set about to coordinate the ordering cycles and like products to offer the best and most economical method for producing all the printed products. A Minimum/Maximum inventory was established to ensure a proper amount of inventory at all locations, based each location’s requirements. Products were then stored in our bonded warehouse and shipped to each location on an as need basis.

The net effect was continuous control of the company forms and printed products. This in turn lead to better company controls, a very large cost savings, and also allowed our customer to focus on their core business and not worry about running out of key forms and products.

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